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BeyondATC is dedicated to bringing you a high-quality product at an affordable price.

No subscriptions. Pay once, never pay again.

New Pricing Model. Same incredible ATC.

  • Price Reduced from $60 to $30

  • Basic Voice Model now Free

  • Push to Talk now Free

  • Premium Model costs $10 about every 15-20 Flights


BeyondATC - $29.99

This one-time purchase will give you lifetime access to the product and all future updates.


  • Full Access to BeyondATC and all of its core features and all future updates.

  • 50,000 FREE Premium Characters. (About an hour of speech)

  • Unlimited Push to Talk

  • Basic Voice Model - 100+ good quality voices with many accents. This voice model has NO COST!

  • Premium Voice Model - 250+ very high quality voices with accents from every country. This model is not needed to use BeyondATC. It is ONLY to use the high quality premium voices.

- 1 Character Costs: $0.0000075.
- 750,000 Characters Costs: $30.00
- Average flight with or without traffic: 15k chars or about $0.45

"United 259, Richmond Clearance, cleared to Miami airport. Radar vectors HOUKY, then as filed. Maintain 4,000. Expect FL380 10 minutes after departure. Departure frequency 126.75. Squawk 5511."

Is 191 characters.


Buy More Premium Characters - $9.99

Adds 250,000 Premium characters to your account. (Or about 15-20 Flights)


Voice Samples

All samples displayed without radio effects for ease of comparison.

Basic US

Basic UK

Basic German

Basic Australian

Basic Dutch

Basic Polish

Premium US

Premium UK

Premium German

Premium Australian

Premium New Zealand

Premium Dutch

Premium Scottish

Premium Polish

Guest Voices

All AI voices created with permission.

Jeff Favignano








Overkill Simulations


FlyBy Simulations


British Avgeek


More coming soon...


Updated 3/5/24

Did the Pricing Model change??

Yes, per an update on 3/5/24 we have completely overhauled our pricing model from user feedback. Through some amazing deals with our 3rd party providers we have made the pricing simpler, cheaper and easier to understand.

Can I use BeyondATC without using the Premium Voice Model?

Yes! BeyondATC comes with a large amount of Premium Characters included in the base purchase (about an hour of speaking time), and that is yours to use from the moment you purchase the product. However, you are not required to use this voice model at all. The product works entirely from start to finish with the Basic Voice Model, and requires no additional purchases of any kind.

Yes. You do not need to purchase anything beyond the initial base purchase to use BeyondATC.

Is BeyondATC a one-time purchase?

Is BeyondATC a subscription service?

Nope! After you buy the initial base package there are no automatic costs. Take a break from flight sim for a few months? No problem. The program will continue to work when you get back with no additional costs.

Are there plans to change BeyondATC to a subscription in the future?


It says that a flight with or without traffic costs about $0.45 on the Premium Voice Model. How did you get this number?

All traffic will now use the basic voice model (no cost) by default. That means if you choose to use the Premium Voice Model all flights cost about the same. In our testing, we have found that 30 min flight takes the same amount of characters as a 12 hour flight due to most of the transmissions coming at the start and end of a flight. 

Each flight with the Premium Voice Model takes about 5k - 20k characters with an average of about 15k characters (or about 45 cents) per flight.

If I use the Premium Voice Model, about how many flights can I get before I must top up again?

  • Our testing estimates that you will go through 250,000 characters every 15-20 flights.

  • If you choose to use the Premium Voice Model for traffic we estimate between 2-5 flights.

  • If you use the Basic Voice Model, you never need to top up!

Can I customize the Voice Models so that traffic uses one model and controllers use another?

Yes! Our goal is to empower you to use BeyondATC the way you want! By default all traffic will use the Basic voice model, which incurs no cost. However, if you would like to enjoy traffic callouts using the Premium Voice Model you are free to mix and match as you wish.

Does the voice model I choose change anything about how the ATC works?

No, the voice model selected is solely for audio voice fidelity and does not affect the ATC callouts or actions in any way. 

Wait, Push to Talk is now Free?

Yes, push to talk incurs no cost of any kind. It does not matter which voice model you choose, push to talk remains free.

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