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The clear approach to modern ATC.

Realistic ATC for Microsoft Flight Simulator


May 4th, 2024 - BeyondATC is now available! Download it HERE!

March 5th, 2024 - Pricing for BeyondATC has been updated! Check it out here.


Planned Features

BeyondATC brings a modern ATC experience to Microsoft Flight Simulator by utilizing the very latest in AI technology.

Ultra-Realistic AI Voices

250+ voices with regional accents from almost every country


Support for any way you fly

FAA and ICAO Phraseology

Realistic phraseology created with real air traffic controllers from around the world

Full Simbrief Integration

Simbrief support out of the box

AI Traffic Control

BeyondATC will control you and all the traffic in the sky!

Customizable User Data

Add airline gates, SOPs, runway selections much more with community-sourced data


Early Access

BeyondATC has always and will always be a program made by simmers for simmers. Because of this, we want your help in building this program and will be launching BeyondATC into Early Access! We feel it's important to include the community in our development to help guide the direction of the program and ensure the most requested features are included.

This means if you purchase BeyondATC, you are getting a program still under development. This program will include bugs and strange behavior. Please make sure you understand this before making your purchase decision.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is way for you to purchase and use the program before it is complete. This approach enables users to participate in the final development stages by providing feedback, reporting bugs, and suggesting improvements. In return, users get a chance to explore new features ahead of the final release.

How long will BeyondATC be in Early Access?

Most likely for one to two years.

What features are available in the release of Early Access?

Full IFR for Jetliners and GA most everywhere in the world

250+ Premium and Basic Voices with accents from around the globe

Voice, Button or Co-Pilot Communication with ATC

Highly Realistic FAA and ICAO phraseology

Dynamic Runway/SID/STAR selection based on winds

Pireps, Direct-Tos, Altitude Changes and more

Full Simbrief Integration

ILS Approaches, Visual Approaches based on weather, Vectors and more

Ever-expanding list of custom user data for Airport Specific SOPs

What features are still in development?

Traffic Injection and Control

VFR Flights

Emergency Procedures

Oceanic Procedures

VR Interface (BATC can still be used without this in VR)

Have something you'd like to see in BeyondATC not listed here?


How much does BeyondATC cost?

Pricing information for BeyondATC is available here.

Does BeyondATC require an active internet connection?

Yes, our voices use cloud-based technology and require an active connection to work.

I'm new to Flight Sim, is BeyondATC for me?

We're aiming to make BeyondATC accessible to seasoned pilots and newcomers alike.

Which simulators is BeyondATC be available for?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024

Is BeyondATC powered by AI?

We use the latest in AI technologies to process your voice, decide what the ATC should do, and generate highly realistic responses with AI voices. However, to keep the program affordable we do not use a LLM (Large Language Model) such as Gemini or ChatGPT.

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