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The clear approach to modern ATC.

Realistic ATC for Microsoft Flight Simulator


March 5th, 2024 - Pricing for BeyondATC has been updated! Check it out here.



BeyondATC brings a modern ATC experience to Microsoft Flight Simulator by utilizing the very latest in AI technology.

Ultra-Realistic AI Voices

250+ voices with regional accents from almost every country


Support for any way you fly

FAA and ICAO Phraseology

Realistic phraseology created with real air traffic controllers from around the world

Full Simbrief Integration

Simbrief support out of the box

AI Traffic Control

BeyondATC will control you and all the traffic in the sky!

Customizable User Data

Add airline gates, SOPs, runway selections much more with community-sourced data

...and much more!

Coming 2024!


How much will BeyondATC cost?

Pricing information for BeyondATC is available here.

Will BeyondATC require an active internet connection?

Yes, our voices use cloud-based technology and require an active connection to work.

I'm new to Flight Sim, is BeyondATC for me?

We're aiming to make BeyondATC accessible to seasoned pilots and newcomers alike.

Which simulators will BeyondATC be available for?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024

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